7 Magazines That Pay You $500 to Write

How acceptable is your autograph skill? Do you wish to accomplish money writing?

The afterward is a account of seven book and agenda magazines that pay up to $500 per article, sometimes more, sometimes less. Some of the transaction advice is gleaned from transaction reports; some it is acutely begin by the administrator on their acquiescence guideline pages. Keep in apperception that you may still charge to accommodate the amount of pay.

MEL is a men’s website created by the Dollar Shave Club. They awning “sex, relationships, health, money and ability from a macho point of appearance even admitting we’re not all macho (and aren’t consistently abiding what that means).” Transaction letters announce ante amid 30 and 50 cents per word. Admitting it appears the beat assistant’s email abode is the alone one listed. It’s a bottom in the door, at least.

The New Aliment Economy is a nonprofit website. They are absorbed “in new business and allotment models, aliment safety, nutrition, economics, action and the great, wide-open average of the aliment accumulation chain: aggregate that happens amid acreage and fork.” One transaction address indicates a amount of about $500 for a affection article. To apprentice more, apprehend their acquiescence guidelines.

Racked covers shopping, with a accurate absorption in “the circle of backroom and appearance and beauty.” They aswell pay for claimed essays. Letters announce they pay over $500 for affection articles. To apprentice more, apprehend their contributor guidelines.

YAM Magazine is a bounded annual accoutrement the greater Victoria, B.C. area. They pay 40 cents per chat for appearance amid 1,200 and 3,000 words. To apprentice more, apprehend their acquiescence guidelines. This is just the blazon of bounded annual abounding writers body their career with –to apprentice added about breaking into this blazon of publication, I acclaim analytic How to Become a Bounded Freelance Journalist.

Boys’ Life is a account annual appear by the Boy Scouts of America. Online writing should absorption and absorb boys of 6-17. They awning a ample ambit of non-fiction, from able sports to American history. Department pieces cover nature, aviation, health, pets, history and music. Fiction is assignment-only; do not query. Concern by mail for non-fiction. Chat count: 500-1,500 for above book articles; up to 600 for departments. Pay: $500-1,500 for above book articles; $100-600 for departments.

HOW is a annual for clear designers that discusses the business and industry. Since it’s 675% freelance written, the advertisement is consistently gluttonous online writing that altercate industry figures, trends, issues, and more. They acquire both queries and unsolicited manuscripts via postal mail. According to a antecedent adaptation of their acquiescence guidelines, they pay $250 to $800, depending on complication and experience. To apprentice more, apprehend their acquiescence guidelines.

Smarter Travel publishes slideshows and affection breadth belief on a”range of customer biking topics, including booking strategies, extenuative money, alienated scams, packing tips, best places to go, biking tech, biking trends, and biking tips that represent all kinds of travelers and biking experiences.” They pay $500 for long-form online writing and $100 to $250 for beneath posts. To apprentice more, apprehend their acquiescence guidelines.

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