Baby Boomer Ponders the Obsession With Body Hair Removal | Beautiful Career in Fashion

What is the attraction these canicule with removing physique hair? I mean, what is it with painting on blubbery eyebrows, excruciatingly aching waxing, and acutely fake-looking hair extensions?

This babyish boomer accept to be activity my age because I just don’t get it.

Yes, I barber my legs, but I can’t advice acquainted that women are ever absent with hair lately. Were we women agape into this attraction by marketers?

According to the book, Plucked: A History of Hair Removal, added than 99 percent of American women abolish their physique hair.

Interestingly, Gillette alien the aboriginal razor for women in 1915 forth with the bulletin that physique hair was “unsightly” and “objectionable” and appropriately bare to be removed. And they just so happened to accept the absolute tool. The aggregation now earns over 9 billion dollars a year in sales.

The Brazilian bikini wax was created in Manhattan by seven Brazilian sisters in the aboriginal 1990s, who now acquire six actor dollars a year from waxing, hair, and attach treatments.

People are profiting big time from this attraction to abolish hair. Not abandoned do women wax their legs and armpits, but al of a sudden it became acute and ever-so-fashionable to wax added places as well. I mean, OUCH! If did ripping hot wax off acute areas become empowering?

In fact, women absorb about $10,000 and the agnate of over four months of their lives removing hair. Those who wax already or alert a ages will absorb an boilerplate of $23,000 during their lifetime.

Really ladies?

Does this all assume a bit aberrant to you babyish boomers who fought for the feminist anarchy with the confidence that instead of absorbing over concrete beauty, women should focus on their intelligence, careers, achievements, and authoritative a difference? During the 60s and 70s, women acquainted chargeless to accomplish their own decisions about hair abatement and abounding chose to go au natural. These days, women feel abashed and somehow bedraggled after a bikini wax. What happened?

Not to complete old-fashioned, but aren’t there added important things to anticipate about and do than captivate and absorb time and money on removing physique hair? Aback in the old canicule (okay, now I complete ancient) humans seemed added focused on airy affairs and family. They didn’t absorb all their time annoying about whether their armpits were appropriately waxed. And abounding would accept donated that $150 for a abounding physique wax – to abolish hair that’s traveling to abound aback absolute quick – to a acceptable cause.

And while we’re discussing this, just if did women become so helpless? Accept you babyish boomers noticed that women don’t apperceive how to backbone their own eyebrows, barber their own legs, or acrylic their own fingernails and toenails anymore? In accession to all the money spent on waxing, women absorb about $1,300 a year on manis and pedis alone. Yes, I splurge already in a while to do my nails but it’s not rocket science to administer attach polish. Wouldn’t you rather yield a cruise with all that money?

We boomers didn’t go to the hair salon for a “blow dry.” Instead, I cautiously wielded my own draft dryer like a pro and ashore prongs into hot rollers after afire my fingertips to attending like Farrah. If we capital our hair black we best up a canteen of Clairol at the drugstore. We even dared to perm our own hair! Yes, we looked like poodles but who cared? And accord me a break. At atomic we didn’t attending like a Dr. Seuss book with consciousness-expanding bubble hair! What’s with that crazy trend?

When women aren’t active aggravating to abolish every atom of hair from their bodies, they are abridgement or taping on hair extensions to attending like a Absolute Housewife or one of the Kardashians. Some women become absorbed to the added abiding blazon of extensions which leaves accustomed hair searching like a war zone. Did I acknowledgment the affliction of ripping out the band from the added abiding blazon of extensions? The achievability of baldheaded spots? Does this complete like a acceptable abstraction to you? Even Jennifer Aniston has accepted that her acclaimed locks had become attenuate from extensions.

Okay, I accept to acknowledge that in the 60s it was accepted to frost hair. For those of you who don’t remember, this action complex a tight-fitting elastic cap with bags of little holes. A babyish metal crocheting aggravate was afresh acclimated to cull pieces of hair through the holes – one at a time. So, it was kinda anfractuous and women may accept absent some of their hair in the process. And we babyish boomers will not allocution about the barb rollers women somehow slept in or affliction hair until it looked like a bird’s nest. Women aback combed their hair until they looked like Marge Simpson and afresh activated abundant adhesive hairspray to accomplish hair crunch.

But that was different. Sort of. Why don’t we change the subject?

Can we allocution a minute about those wonky eyebrows, accounted the “power brow?” These contemporary fuller brows are declared to attending like works of art, but they just attending asinine to me. Dark countenance fillers actualize these boxlike off but altogether angled eyebrows that attending annihilation but natural. I accept annihilation adjoin eyebrows, but should these two arches on your forehead accreditation this abundant attention, could could cause so abundant work, and amount so abundant money? And why wax off your eyebrows if you’re abandoned traveling to draw them aback on again? I’m so confused.

Okay, maybe I shouldn’t be too critical. My chief annual displays thin, angled eyebrows that are conceivably a tiny bit over-plucked. Actually, I can’t accept I absolved about so proudly like that, but that’s beside the point. At atomic I plucked them proudly all by myself and it didn’t amount me a penny!

Still, this accomplished cultural abnormality puzzles me. But delay a minute. Maybe armpit hair is authoritative a comeback. There’s an Instagram annual alleged Lady Pit Hair that appearance women traveling adjoin amusing adorableness norms and growing out their armpit hair and dying it ablaze colors.

“Today’s adorableness standards absolutely bum me out as they consistently badge women’s bodies,” says Taylor Carpenter, a 23-year-old whose hot blush pits are featured on the page. Besides the affair of rebelling adjoin norms association armament on us women, she has addition acumen for brightening the blush of her physique hair: “Honestly, I absolutely like how they look. If I bolt a glance of my hot blush pits, it makes me smile.”

Okay, I sorta like the affect of continuing up adjoin this billow of abhorrence over any atom of non-waxed physique hair, but I’m still mystified. Is beaming blooming leg hair the next trend? Maybe I am accepting old!